Our first book review

Howdy Folks,

Well, its official our first book “Granpa Guff, the accidental astronaut” is now on sale in all good online bookstores from Amazon to Smashwords including the iBookstore, Barnes and Noble and Kobo.

Anita from anitabook.com has given us 3.5 tiaras out of 5 and we quote:

“This book is full of silly, humorous incidents and sayings, and even adults will find it entertaining.  So if you need a cool story for a book report, I’d definitely choose this one.  It is filled with fun and intelligent humor with very cool illustrations.

This book flies into space with “3.5 out of 5 tiaras.”  And if I were you, I’d watch out for spiders, because they are apparently everywhere – even in space!  Blessings, anita of anitabook.com ”

For the full review please visit http://www.anitabook.com/granpa-guff-the-accidental-astronaut-written-by-granpa-guff/

We hope that all of our readers have a great Easter and that the Easter Bunny is generous.


G Guff.

PS – best keep one eye open for sneaky spiders (they love chocolate Easter eggs too!


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