So many cool pictures…. tell us more about them.

Howdy Folks,

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and have a little read.

We have been receiving quite a few emails regarding the cool pictures in our new book, Granpa Guff, the accidental astronaut. So in answer to your questions in now particular order:

1 – Neither Gertrude nor I could draw this well, so we asked a lovely young lady called Azahar to draw them for us.

2 – Yes its true I was a very, very handsome young man, sadly now I’m just good looking.

3 – Nope, none of the spiders live with me or Gertrude, trust me, you do not want to live in a house full of Mexican Barkers or Blue Martians either.

4 – Yes there is some special stuff hidden inside some, but not all of the pictures.

5 – Nope, we will not tell you anything about the signpost on Mars we know that someone will work it out.

6 – The tortoises names are Spooky and KC.

We hope that answers all your questions for now, drop us a line at or leave a comment, we’d be only too delighted to talk to you.

Keep it country,

G Guff


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