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Howdy Folks,

Thank you kindly for stopping by, we know you’re busy and we do appreciate your visit.

Well the emails have been flying thick and fast over the past days with more people writing in to say how much they enjoyed our little book and the pictures too.

These wonderful people have also been busy posting on Goodreads, Amazon and other independent blogs, telling others all about the adventures of the worlds handsomest Granpa and waay too many spiders.

But one in particular caught our attention this week as its written by a young lady:

Submitted by Sarah, Age 11 from OTHER

Rating: ★★★★½

It was a great book once you started reading you are drawn in and you need to read more. You know that it’s going to be outrageous and silly but that’s the good part. There are yucky but hilarious bits like when he ‘hurls’ in space. It was really funny too when Granpa Guff was tied up by Barking Spiders especially as he was twice the size of them.

The point of the book was to take his grandchildren’s minds off a bad storm and a wobbly bridge by telling a story. Granpa Guff is a kind grandfather as by the time the story was finished so was the storm. I also liked the illustrations.

Here is the link if you wish to read it on the Kidsmomo website.

Well my poor fingers are just about exhausted after typing so much, so I’m going to say so long and that we hope you have a great humpday.



G Guff


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