I hate tuesdays

Howdy Folks,

Glad to see you popping by here on a Tuesday, the worst day of the week as far as I am concerned, if you’re wondering why perhaps you should check out our latest book Granpa Guff, the accidental astronaut.

Here is what one independent reviewer said about our little book:

Book Review

This is a very interesting story for children of all ages, either when they are reading alone or being read to. It has enough gruesome descriptions of sick and wee and spider’s webs to satisfy most children. The book is very funny and the story is told at a fast pace. The basis of telling a tale to keep his grandchildren occupied on a long stormy journey is in some ways the real art of storytelling, to entertain, to distract, and to keep their fears at bay. The use of barking spiders as the brains of the operation, builders, organisers, and able to keep the humans under control is a very good ploy, just edgy enough for most children to enjoy. The ‘on the ground’ experts are well described (mostly bald) and the interaction between the two brothers being told the story is very realistic.there are some gems of language use i.e. location 445; (laugh) ‘like a kind of rumbling sound, like a grumpy old lion with no teeth and a sore back,’ exellent!

The illustrations did not show up too well on kindle but in colour they will be much better. There are also some punctuation anomalies which need proofing, however, I found this a very good read and will recommend it to my grandchildren.


Thats all for now, but tomorrows Wednesday and I love it, you can almost see the weekend from Wednesday, if you stand right on your tippy toes and squint real hard.

Keep it country,


G Guff


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