Summer’s almost gone…

Howdy folks,

Mighty good of you to call in to say hello.

Well we’ve reached that time of year again when whippersnappers and ankle biters must return to school.

When wasps become a mite dopey and a little too irritable for everyone’s taste.

Birdsong is muted as they gather in flocks busy planning their winter vacations and even the bears start stocking up on sandwiches.

So no time to waste my little grasshopper’s get busy, its time for jam and pie.

This weekend we preserve the last of the summer fruit in so many delicious ways it should last until Thanksgiving.

Hopefully the grankids will preserve more than they eat this year, hives can be awful itchy and interfere with important homework.

Keep it pickled or preserved.

G Guff

PS don’t forget the onion marmalade.


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