Thank Guff its Friday

Howdy folks,

Good of you to drop in to say hi of a Friday.

For those of you following the Raccoon raiders story, the latest updates indicate that they are still at large and terrorizing communities the length and breadth of Guff county.

Several supermarkets have shut down and a curfew from sunset to sunrise is now in effect across Guffsylvania.

Sadly my back is still paining me something awful so organizing a posse will have to wait until Monday.

Anybody with any information or sightings of these marauding monsters have been asked to contact their local enforcement officers and have been advised not to confront them under any circumstances.

Our Sheriff has regained consciousness and is now in a stable condition however he is still in a state of shock. It is hoped that he will be able to shed some light on what exactly provoked this rampage?

Have a great weekend folks and remember to lock all your doors and windows.

G Guff


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