America’s most wanted…

Howdy Folks,

Thank you kindly for all of your emails, follows, likes and tweets over the weekend, they sure do mean a lot to a crotchety old fusspot such as myself.

In another update to the Raccoon raiders terrorizing Guff County; it appears that a conveniently located illegal fireworks store was mysteriously set alight late Saturday night.

Located kitty corner to the Fort Guff firehouse, the building was set ablaze in true Raccoon fashion at 3am when everyone was fast asleep.

Our local fire crew fought the blaze for several hours while the rest of the residents of our beloved town enjoyed the best fireworks display since the bicentennial.

Local law enforcement continue to investigate and are confident that they will be making arrests soon.

A local source close to the investigation was quoted as saying “they can run but they can’t hide forever” well folks, this source obviously has had very little experience with Americas most wanted critturs.

have a great day folks,

G Guff


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