Thanksgiving recipe tips

Howdy folks,

Firstly let me apologize for the radio silence this week, we have been a little busy getting all the fixings for a festive family Thanksgiving together.

As all good cooks know the trick is to brine the turkey well in advance and we have been brining since Halloween, so we anticipate the tastiest turkey ever, this year. N.B – always remember to remove the giblets unless you wish to spend the holiday season in Hospital.

The Guff family are not big aficionados of marshmallow yams, so we have been experimenting with brown sugar glazes this year rather than reliving last years disastrous high fructose corn syrup fiasco. It turns out that the grandkid’s react in a hyperactive manner that can only halted with judicious applications of cabbage juice. Getting them to drink it is hard enough without boring you with the all too obvious radioactive fallout the day after.

My roasted raccoon trifle has been banned due to some awkward correspondence from P.E.T.A and their very polite attorneys, so this year we have substituted possum. It’s not the same, but we do what we can.

Chief Longjaw along with certain members of the local branch of the Native American residents of Guff County will be joining us again this year and have promised to send Eats like a buffalo to my neighbors, last year he nearly ate my ‘gator hound when we ran out of trifle.

Thanks for the time folks, we look forward to talking to you again soon.

Happy Thanksgiving,

G Guff



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