Last of the turkey sandwiches

Howdy Folks,

Kind of you to call by, we are delighted to see you survived black friday, congratulations.

Today is the day when we settle down in front of the fire and watch our first Christmas movie with the Grankids. We have yet to choose but they are particularly fond of Home Alone.

Tomorrow they will help as we decorate the house for the festive season, we like the help and they love the fun of decorating more than one house every year.

However if you are like me you will be carefully using the last of the fixings from thanksgiving to make the most delicious of all snacks.

Carefully layering turkey with ham, cranberry and cheese with tomato and lettuce.

Sneaking in some superfluous stuffing and sometimes even a little gravy if no-ones looking.

I like mine on roughly cut freshly baked wholemeal bread with a lot of mayo and sometimes a little mustard to spice things up.

Enjoy your weekend folks but keep your hands off my sandwiches.

G Guff




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