For it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than hit the top 10 on Amazon

Howdy Folks,

Thank you kindly for dropping in, we do love some company on this the most terrible day of the week, Abolish Tuesdays I say, nobody would even notice.

But I digress, recently I have been involved in a number of promotions on with a free offer of our latest little book “Granpa Guff and the Pasta wars” along with a later half price deal at the start of December.

The results ladies and gentlemen have been far from encouraging, I had hoped that many of the lovely people who availed of both the free book and the half price offer might actually review the book on goodreads, twitter, facebook or even amazon itself.

To date the best reviewers are my good friends the independent bloggers who have taken the time to read and critique our little books in a most constructive fashion.

So what next?

Do you have the key are you the keeper of the secret path to number one on amazon?

Are you an acolyte or indeed a master of Smashwords?

Should we stick to the day job of hunting raccoons and keep our weekend babysitting job and the ensuing little stories for the grankids?

Answers are needed or at the very least a publicist with the skills of a PT Barnum?

Perhaps even an editor with plenty of patience and no appreciation of the capitalist system?

Or in the absence of both, a kind and understanding publisher with deep pockets and the moral flexibility of Boss Hogg?

mail me folks.

G Guff


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