Love thy neighbor.

Howdy folks,

Thank you kindly for calling by to say hello, its nice to know that you care.

I am now fully recovered from the Christmas and new year celebrations but I have been very lucky as I almost became a cautionary tale..

After a minor overdose of soda pop on new years eve I felt so bad that I thought perhaps I should take my yearly bath early and help clear my head, not to mention my arthritis.

Well I am not too proud to admit that I fell asleep in the bath.

It was about then when the winter storms hit Fort Guff and we were snowed in, we lost several power lines and as a result I was frozen solid in the bath.

Luckily my neighbor called around to borrow my snow shovel (not realizing that he still had it since last year), thanks to his parsimonious nature and his uncurable curiosity he would not leave until he got what he came for.

Unable to talk with me he took a walk around my property and entered through the back door (I really must fix that lock) where upon he finally discovered yours truly in a state of suspended animation frozen solid in the tub.

Using my cell (he had conveniently left his at home) he managed to call the emergency services who promptly arrived via some borrowed toboggans.

After several rather embarrassing selfies (the youth of today!) they managed to get me into our local clinic where I was slowly defrosted over the past two weeks.

I owe my life to my neighbour and his constant borrowing, although I cannot feel my tootsies and the tip of my nose is still white.

So theodore If you are reading this on my ipad using my wi fi for free yet again thank you for everything, I owe you my life!



G Guff




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