Granpa Guff is the oldest and grumpiest living resident of Fort Guff, Guff County, Guffsylvania, USA. In the past he has been a Rocket ship rider, Pizza pie saboteur and fond admirer of Santy Claus. At this time, the Guffer is helping me write and publish some stories, about his incredible life.

These stories are just so unbelievable that I had to write them all down so you can decide if they’re fact or fluff.

The Guffinator has been known to tell a tall tale or two in his time and even admits that he would never let the truth get in the way of a good story, but somehow all the facts check out and the rest as the old fellow says is history.

Perhaps not exactly the kind you read about in history class, but the good stuff never makes it into the kind of books you need for school.

He lives for the weekends when he gets to spend time with his grankids Brad and I and usually spends the rest of the week wrestling with Grizzly Bears or not quite getting along with his neighbors.

The founder and President of the #RaccoonsOut movement, he wages a constant battle against the forces of nature who always try to ruin his day.

He has had lots of crazy adventures, worked in many different jobs and seen more of the world than any other Granpa I know…….

Don’t take my word for it, read all about in “Granpa Guff, the accidental astronaut”


Miss G Guff .

P.S. He can only type with 2 fingers so please do be patient when waiting for emails and blog posts. Thank you.


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